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​​Temple of Judah Ministries

We are His royal priesthood.

Bishop Melvin Williams, Jr. is a native of Richmond, acclaimed by many as “The Gatekeeper of the City.” A dynamic orator, dedicated with inestimable ability in fulfilling his call to ministry, Bishop Williams’ covenant commitment is to develop ambassadors of Christ; ambassadors who will beseech others to be reconciled to God, and help to bring healing, hope, and justice, especially for the least among us. His concerns are the salvation, sanctification, and liberation of God’s people.

He has been the pastor of Temple of Judah Ministries for over forty years (formerly, True Apostolic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ). He is a personable, proactive leader in community outreach, also known as “Richmond’s Radio Pastor”. One of the first televised African-American pastors, Bishop Williams is highly esteemed by parishioners throughout the State, well-loved for his interpersonal style of pastoral care, and proficiency in encouraging people to experience God’s faithfulness in giving for the uplifting of others.

Bishop Melvin Williams is a proven ministry leader who has effectively organized numerous innovative mission outreach programs. He is a servant of the servants of God. His inspiring humility, respect for human dignity, ability to ignite hope, along with the ability to translate vision into reality has resulted in many honors and awards.

Bishop Williams, is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University who encourages everyone to pursue educational advancement. As an instrumental contributor to the development and establishment of the Center for African American Pentecostalism and Leadership Development at STVU, in 2016 Bishop Williams was appointed Co-Chair of the Center’s Advisory Cabinet which held its inaugural Holy Convocation in April of 2017, during which Bishop Williams was enthroned as the Presiding Bishop of the Judah Ecumenical Covenant Fellowship.

In July 1972, Bishop Williams married Jacquelynne Westbrook who has labored instrumentally, in the shaping of his ministry. From that union came their three sons, Melvin Damon, Shawn Cameron and Benjamin Derrick, and four grandchildren, Carisma, Ché, Cameron and Bella. 


Bishop Melvin Williams, Jr., M.Div.

Senior Pastor, Temple of Judah Ministries 
Presiding Bishop, Judah Ecumenical Covenant Fellowship